Public Engagement

In its first year of operation, the Department of Interdisciplinary Studies at Phillips Academy will pilot the Madison Smith Presentation Series.  Each presentation will afford a member of the faculty the opportunity to engage the Andover community in interdisciplinary approaches to specific problems or topics.

The series is named after Madison Smith, who was born into slavery in North Carolina, came north after his emancipation, and graduated from Phillips Academy in 1873.

The 2018-2019 Madison Smith Presentation Series

David Fox, Instructor in English, Art History, and Interdisciplinary Studies, “Perceptions of Color:  Seeing and Being in the Racialized World”


Danny Crow, Instructor in Physics, “Misrepresentation in the History of Science”

Megan Paulson, Instructor in History and Social Science and Interdisciplinary Studies, “An Interest Convergence Dilemma: Critical Race Theory, the History of Whiteness, and Identity Politics in aspects of teaching American History”

Emma Staffaroni, Instructor in English and Interdisciplinary Studies, TBA

The 2019-2020 Madison Smith Presentation Series

Hijoo Son, Instructor in History and Social Science and Interdisciplinary Studies, “The Diasporic Intimacy and Transindividuality of Korean Artists”

Nick Zufelt, Instructor in Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science, “Data Is”

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