Dreamin’ of Bob Dylan

While riding on a train goin’ west
I fell asleep for to take my rest
I dreamed a dream that made me sad
Concerning myself and the first few things I had

All right. 

It was actually a bus. 

To Choate.

With the Andover swimming and diving team.

January 2011.

I was, though, in the hypnagogic moment.

And I was listening to Bob Dylan.  


In that space between wakefulness and slumber, I realized time was approaching the 50th anniversary of Dylan’s recording his first album, and I knew immediately a course on Dylan needed to be offered. 

The disembodiment of the passive voice captures my attitude:  a course on Dylan needed to be offered.  By whom?  Who other than Christopher Ricks or Richard Thomas could teach a class on Dylan?  Perhaps I could come up with a week or two of stuff but an entire term?  Somewhere between the exits for Connecticut Routes 15 and 68—and in the midst of listening to “Desolation Row” from Bootleg, volume 7— though, I discovered the idea:  collaboration.  After affirming my instincts with Chris Jones, Instructor in History, I wrote the faculty soliciting their support, and by September, we were running the course. 

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