Welcome to the New Endeavor

Welcome to the website/blog of the Department of Interdisciplinary Studies at Phillips Academy in Andover, MA. 

Through this site, we hope to learn from, and share ideas and experiences among, a wide range of people committed to interdisciplinary teaching and learning as well as to education as a means of improving the lives of people and bettering our world for all. 

Across the site, we seek to offer information about our efforts—identifying those working most closely with the Department at Andover, describing the courses we offer, highlighting our public outreach—and to share resources that we have identified and utilized.  We welcome suggestions and corrections regarding any of the material housed on our more static pages.

With this blog, we invite people who currently work and study at Andover, our alumni and former faculty, and colleagues and friends from a variety of professions and positions to share their thinking and observations with others.  If you would like to provide a blog entry or respond to a blog already posted, please contact us.

As “Interdisciplinary Work at Andover:  Purpose and Scope” makes clear, in many ways, the origins of the Department can be traced back more than forty years, so I link to several key documents that may be of interest:

Phyllis Powell, et al., “Draft Report of the 1977-1979 Curriculum Committee” (1979)

Tony Rotundo, et al., “Report of the Steering Committee” (1996)

David Fox and Linda Griffith, et al., “Final Report and Recommendations of the Access to Success Working Group” (2013)

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David Fox

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